About Us

About the Dynamic 360 Group

Dynamic 360 Group was established with the aim of introducing a holistic approach to business risk, which embraced client’s specific needs, enabling them to deliver modern, effective and efficient services / products in an ever changing world.

We promote a ‘can do’ risk aware culture that embraces enterprise and manages risks in a practical way.

Our client’s receive a personal service catering for all their risk compliance needs. We do not employ slick sales staff but instead see ourselves as our client’s business partner in much the same way as an employed professional would be. We provide effective practical support and guidance that is not generated by a computer but by face-to-face contact with a qualified, experienced person. Dynamic 3
60 Group has built its reputation on quality and customer service. It is for this reason we have set ourselves up to organically grow without losing the small to medium business ethics, in that we understand in what we do is about relationships and people , which is so often lost in today’s cut & thrust world of commerce.

An organisation partnered by the Dynamic 360 Group are being assisted not just by one person but by a team of competent multi skilled support focussed individuals that are there when required; enabling all allocated resources to be maximised. Legal obligations for appointing competent persons may also be fulfilled.

Since being established, the Dynamic 360 brand continues to evolve. All of our associates are professionally qualified and competent in their field of expertise.