Review & Reorganisation

Most business have to compete to stay in business. Not only do organisations have to compete locally but in today’s ever shrinking world of commerce sometimes internationally. This competition does not just present a threat but in many cases may be an opportunity. To become competitive we need to work smarter whist being efficient and prudent with the allocated and often limited resources available. It is therefore essential that an organisation regularly identifies areas for business improvement and organisational human resource development. This process is called review and reorganisation in that it aims’ to critically evaluate what is in place in order that changes can be made to improve and evolve via process/design rather than reaction.

Planned/Expected Outcomes

Once completed, the organisation should have greater capacity to effectively respond to its stake holder needs with greater flexibility in its approach to delivery; and will have greater capacity to respond to the needs of the organisation in relation to its financial sustainability and provision of its core business objectives.

What can we do for you?

We can assist and support your business in achieving its business objectives. We have the experience to advise, support, facilitate or lead in identifying areas for business improvement and organisational human resource development .This will be achieved via auditing and inspecting of processes and systems resulting in recommendations and action planning. We can facilitate and oversee the recommendation implementation process providing external independence and fairness helping to ensure stake holder trust and confidence is maintained.