Surveying & Assessment

To tackle slips and trips successfully in your workplace you need to put in place an effective management system, carry out regular suitable and sufficient risk assessments and make sure you are aware of the relevant laws and regulations. Therefore the prevention of slips and trips is vital to the success of every business and our experienced surveyors are able to advise clients on the most suitable flooring and surfacing solution to protect their valuable assets with today’s speculative claims culture.

How can we help you?

Our surveyors are able to assess the key flooring and surfacing risks that the organisation is exposed to and can advise an appropriate solution to counter and mitigate these risks.

The specified solutions are designed to be cost effective and will also take into account any existing processes you have in place and the needs of the organisation. We are not risk adverse box shifters; we are experienced competent solution providers that can advise you on moving forward.