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Stress Recognition and Management Training

Sometimes we are aware of when stress is building and can take the necessary steps to avoid it before it overwhelms us. However, on many occasions it has already taken us by storm and is having a detrimental effect on our lives before we begin to take it seriously. Our work may be suffering in terms of quantity, quality or both, our sleeping patterns may be disturbed, and our relationships may be damaged. Allow this to continue and our health begins to suffer. Stress is costly on a personal and an economic level for both employee and employer.

At DOCS we offer training sessions aimed at helping your staff to identify stress in themselves and others. We can then offer education in techniques to help reduce it in the early stages, so that together, we can prevent it from becoming a serious issue.

Our experienced staff can work with your employees, listen to their issues and offer the appropriate guidance and support. Working in small groups, employees can share their experiences, become more aware of what others may be facing and be less critical of themselves.

Stress may seem like a personal crisis but the effects of it can be felt throughout your business. Only together can we work to make this modern day sickness a thing of the past and create solid foundations for the future.

Our program

To enable managers to: identify signs of stress in their team members; discuss the employee’s stress triggers with them; and agree individual strategies to be reviewed at a later date


The training provided on the Stress Management Training for Managers course is very practical and uses a number of specially developed diagnostic and proactive tools to minimise the effect of stressful situations on both people and the organisation. The content is regularly updated to encompass changes in stress-related legislation and HSE initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Clarifies understanding of stress and the risk implications for employees and the organisation
  • Enables managers to meet their legal and HSE compliance responsibilities
  • Enables managers to “create the right climate” to encourage open discussion about stress
  • Equips managers with frameworks and practical approaches/tools that can be used to prevent stress
  • Provides managers with extensive online resources with information and tools they can use after the course

Training Style

The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including case studies, scenarios, personal reflection and action planning.

Who is it for?

Stress Management for Managers has been specifically developed to meet the needs of organisations that have recognised the crucial role managers, supervisors and team leaders play in the reduction and prevention of work-related stress.

Key Content

  • Section 1 – Stress Awareness
  • Section 2 – Proactive Stress Management
  • Section 3 – Reactive Stress Management
  • Section 4 – Bringing it all together & Action Planning

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