Dynamic Management & Development

Today’s managers are under increased pressure, being asked to achieve more, with less, and in tighter timescales. Look at some of these astounding statistics.

(source institute of leadership and management)

  • 66% of managers have higher workloads today than ten years ago.
  • 46% routinely working beyond their contracted hours.
  • 51% of managers admitted to being more stressed, and this increases to a staggering 71% among the under 35s.
  • 40% of managers believe the general standard of leadership and management in their organisation had improved over the past decade, but 25% of managers believed leadership had declined.
  • 54% had seen productivity improve, 12% felt that it had fallen, and 33% felt that their teams were less motivated that they had been ten years ago.

What can DMD do for you?

As leaders and managers seek to develop new responsibilities and progress their careers, you can be sure that DMD can offer a unique package of support that will consolidate their experience and deliver the skills they need to succeed. Resulting in The following benefits and enabling you to act with greater flexibility in your approach to service delivery, profitability, and financial sustainability.

(source institute of leadership and management)

  • Up skill your managers and make them leaders
  • Assist in organisational improvement
  • Help break down the barriers to progress
  • Increase organisational understanding and legal compliance
  • Help break down discrimination and resistance to change
  • Provide support and advice
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Improve staff happiness and team working
  • Lower costs and improve productivity