Dynamic Counselling & Support

In today’s challenging and stressful world it is sometimes confusing to know which way to turn and make the right moves. With many conflicting resource requirements and legal obligations business leaders are under intense scrutiny. Added to this customers sometimes have expectations that conflict with the provider’s obligation and agreements. These factors often lead to greater stress which in turn leads to levels of distress in the workplace, greater costs due to increased sick leave and a management exposed and vulnerable to litigation.

Workplace stress costs Great Britain in excess of £530 million and is set to rise further. www.hse.gov.uk

Dynamic Counselling & Support has been established by a team of focused multi-disciplined professionals with the aim of supporting both your business and the individuals that make your company thrive and succeed. By supporting and ‘upskilling’ the individuals we can partner your business to even greater success. Even in times of redundancy Dynamic Support can assist the business and the individuals to fulfil their greatest potential

Based on the understanding of how counselling support services are inextricably linked to HR and Health and Safety, Dynamic Support has drawn on the experience and success of its sister company DRA to offer a complete package of support that is tailored to your needs….

What makes us unique?

  • We are the sister company of an established and successful Health& Safety and HR consultancy and pool our expertise and experience as required.
  • Our ethos is to be the best in what we do providing our clients with a personal service that can cater for all their staff welfare and compliance needs.
  • We provide effective, practical support and guidance that is not generated by a computer but via face-to-face contact with an experienced competent person.
  • We offer consistent support to you and your staff, providing regular Health & Safety reports and follow up audits at 6 and 12 months, to ensure that management systems are embedded within the organisation, and that allocated resources have been worthwhile.
  • Any subsequent legal proceedings resulting in civil exposure for stress at work are greatly minimised, if not eliminated as corporate governance is.

Dynamic Support offers the complete person-centred approach aimed at supporting and signposting your employees through individually challenging times. We aim to support them in effectively delivering your business objectives, or in moving forward with their lives in a positive and constructive way