Example Packages

At DRA we have developed a number of packages, we call ‘Dynamic Assist’, which are framework of bespoke quality Risk & Safety Management Support Services that are designed to cater for business legal requirements from a small retail outlet to the large manufacturing base. These service packages enhance our client’s ability to predict and prevent risk rather than react to it; this in turn will increase efficiency, enabling staff to be confident in delivery with the risks minimised and managed.

An overall package starts from as little as £795 (+VAT) and will help you achieve regulatory compliance. We can also link other disciplines, such as human resource management into overall package. We call this ‘Dynamic Assist Plus'.

The packages are flexible and may vary from a minimal support fixed fee package to intensive onsite assistance. Two examples of our packages are :

Dynamic Assist

Appointment of your competent person to assist in Health, Safety & Risk Management.

This is a UK legal requirement. A Certificate of membership will be sent to the Client.

Sample area on site Audit. Identifies shortfalls in the clients Health and Safety arrangements

(recommended HSE’s HSG65). Formal report and recommendations.

A report with prioritised action points/areas for improvement will be provided

Follow up debrief with your Auditor.

The client’s competent person will discuss the report and any further assistance if required.

Formal Action Plan.
The agreed action plan will be sent to the client for their attention and records.

Direct phone advice from your competent person The client can call their competent person (not a call centre) direct for general advice.

Dynamic Assist Plus

Five working days Health, Safety and Human Resource consultant support per annum for policy & assessment development.

Appointment of your competent person to advise/assist in your Health, Safety & Human Resource Management.

Provision of relevant general pro-forma and guidance information and manuals

Assistance with drafting relevant bespoke, pro-forma, manuals, policy, procedures and assessments

Direct phone advice from your competent person “not a call centre”

The above are examples and individual service packages can also be arranged for both UK and international clients. There are a number of payment options, including monthly and quarterly.