Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space except for private homes and individual flats in a block or house, although communal areas will be affected.

The responsibility for fire safety lies with employers, self-employed people with premises, voluntary organisations, those responsible for buildings with public access and any contractor who exercises a degree of control over any premises.

These responsible persons will have a duty to ensure the safety of everyone who uses their premises and those in the immediate vicinity who may be at risk if there is a fire.

Principally, safety is achieved through a suitable and sufficient fire based risk assessment and by the implementation of adequate fire safety arrangements.

How is the risk assessment carried out?

What can DFR do for you?

DFR Ltd has divided the risk assessment process into two distinct areas and they are as follows.

Type One: This will address what might be described as the day to day management issues such as, fire prevention, people activities, maintaining the means of escape, emergency planning etc as required by the RRO.

Type Two: This type will look at the more specialist areas such as the number of exits, alarm systems, compartmentation, fire resistant structure etc.

We can co-ordinate your assessment programmes whether it be reviewing what you already have in place or starting from a blank canvas. The program will not be general but will be specific to your activities/needs. We have a service to cater for all requirements. For further information please refer to our Bronze, Silver and Gold standard packages (LINK)