Evacuation Planning & CAD Services

Under current fire safety legislation it is the responsibility of the person(s) having responsibility for the building to provide a fire safety risk assessment that includes an emergency evacuation plan for all people likely to be in the premises, including disabled people, and how that plan will be implemented. Such an evacuation plan should not rely upon the intervention of the Fire and Rescue Service to make it work. In the case of multi-occupancy buildings, responsibility may rest with a number of persons for each occupying organisation and with the owners of the building. It is important that they co-operate and co-ordinate evacuation plans with each other. This could present a particular problem in multi-occupancy buildings when the different escape plans and strategies need to be co-ordinated from a central point.

Part of the planning process is to ensure that there is a building plan that clearly shows evacuation routes to be maintained, fire call points, detection systems, and utility cut off points etc. The plan must be kept in a suitable place in order to be passed to the emergency services upon arrival. The plan is aimed at providing clear unambiguous information so that areas of risk may be identified, the fire put out quickly and fire fighters are not placed at any higher risk.

What can DFR do for you?

We offer comprehensive services that cater for all your fire safety requirements that include emergency evacuation planning, advice and guidance. We can co-ordinate the whole process including site survey and buildings Computer Animated Design (CAD) service.