Health, Safety & Building Regulations Compliance Advice

The law requires floors to be suitable for the workplace and work activity, kept in good condition and kept free from obstructions. Also, people must be able to move around safely. It should be noted that the correct flooring installation may help with indirect risk such as exposure to noise, vibration, temperature and fatigue.

Installation has to comply to the relevant building regulations both when installed during construction or when fitted retrospectively.

To tackle slips and trips successfully in your workplace you need to put in place an effective management system, carry out regular suitable and sufficient risk assessments and make sure you are aware of the relevant laws and regulations.

How can DSS help you?

From the initial design and planning, to the demolition of an existing floor and floor preparation through to tailored maintenance plans. DSS can assist you with all your flooring and surfacing requirements. We tailor our service to meet your requirements and business objectives and can advise you on compliance in all areas of relevant law and good practice.